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• with DAM Studi Ricerche Progetti S.p.A. - Ravenna

- Set up (in staff) for 3 projects of irrigation networks in Agrigento province.
- Set up (in staff) for the project for the urban sewerage network of Venezia
- AGRISIEL S.p.A. - Rome (gruppo Italsiel), consultant in the SIAN project
(Sistema Informativo Agricolo Nazionale) in charge for analyst of data
systems and CAD applications.
- Implementing in the system of the firm of a CAE system for High Speed
railroads based on GIS.
- Italian International Co-operation in Tanzania:
Assistant for the implementation of Co-operation projects for rural and
territorial development.
- Italian International Co-operation. Training course for office automation
for Federal Bank of Cooperatives of Pakistan
- Numerical aerial survey .
- Consortium New Cadastrial (FIAT Engineering - DAM- Martinelli- Rati). - Project for renewal new catastrial maps of the province of Bergamo and


• With ADM engineering S.r.l. :

- Belleli spa - Mantova: management of the job for MTO (material take off) of
following offshore rigs: Dunbar, Miskar, ELF-COBO and MÆRSK.
- Analysis for the implementation, in the company organization, of a
computer based system (CAE) for the design of structural steelworks and
- Draft / final design of structural frames for the following companies:
Rosetti spa – Ravenna; coop. CMC-Ravenna; Savini srl- Ravenna; AIS –
Ferrara; SAIMI srl- Ferrara; AGIP spa- Milan (offshore and onshore
methane extration plant); Enichem spa- Ravenna plant.
- AGIP spa – Ravenna dept. : Design of small depuration systems in the
onshore extraction plants.
- ENI spa - Fornovo (RE) - Project management of the design of a LTX
plant (gasoline extraction system from deep well methane).
- ENICHEM Elastomeri (RA) - Project management for the construction of
a new plant addition (sector SOL-1 A e B).


•Other duties Works :

- Conceptual layout and final design of special stand- alone vending systems
and info point (patented).
- AGIPGAS S.p.A. : Conceptual layout, design and construction of special
stand- alone vending system (patented).
- Agip S.p.A. – inserted in the company vendor list for structures design e
works direction.
- Ravenna Civil Court: technical consultant for idustrial plants e hydraulic /
reclamation questions.
- ENICHEM spa - Chemical plant of Ravenna, till 1999: pluri-annual deal for
the supply of technical and engineering support in mechanical and
structural design..
- RIVOIRA spa (Union Carbide group) - Ravenna plant : design of a new plant
for hydrogen production (civil & mechanical).
- Interchim srl – Ravenna ; general layout of a storage plant for chemical
products in the Galati harbour (Romany), in the frame of the European
Community financing project ‘JOP’.
- MARCEGAGLIA GROUP SPA – Ravenna siderurgic plant : mechanical
basic and detail design of devices for optimization of the production.
Design of several steelworks structures. / Final design of underground
pipelines for transportation hydrogen and nitrogen. Preliminary and final
design of two new entryway arrangement for the Ravenna siderurgic
Plant. / study and design for new type of loading autoextracting baskets
(scrap Boxes – Patent pending (*))./ Study and design for revamping and
upgrading of mill equipment./ Study for safety storage equipment of steel
coils./ Long-term advisor for Civil/mechanical engineering project and
works extended general assistance.
- FORES ENGINEERING S.r.l. – Forlì: design of various steelworks for
industrial plants and skids for oil extraction plants. (Caspian Oil; Ebocha
oil ; Arar; El Gamil plant; Baglan Bay; Blue Stream).
- F.lli Righini S.r.l. : design of machinery for Blue Stream pipeline project,
roll-out devices for onshore piping transport.
- HYDRODRILLING srl – basic and detailed design of a new type of BOP
moving undercarriage./ study and design of a 50 ton drilling auction
basket./ analysis and design for deep well cable guide.
- SULZER – DE PRETTO S.p.A. – SCHIO (VI): design of steelworks frames
for the support of 5 MW turbocompressor in the Servola (TS) plant. Final
design of the lubricant supply devices.
- ITO S.p.A. – Cesena. Spool and drawing in 3D mode machine for fruits
and vegatables collection.
- COSMI SPA – Ravenna – involved in several offshore and onshore
revamping, workover, restoring and construction project in gas & oil,
drilling, extraction and treatment plants (steelworks and civil gen. Works).
(i.e.: BASIL rig,- CERVIA ‘C’ offshore rig, TDS_IDS_RDDS Degaser and
filter analisys.- Rivoira Ravenna plant – pressure vessels for N2
production –Garibaldi ‘A’ maintenance scaffold layout project –
Casalborsetti gas station: design for civil works of new glycol storage
tanks) / Mech. Analysis and detailed project for several pressure vessels
Several basic and detail projects for scaffolding in offshore maintenance
- SISMI srl – Ravenna – design and detailed design for steelworks of new
5000 sqm shed.
- PLUS S.r.l. – Ravenna : Basic Draft and detailed design of special
devices (electrical pedestal series SMART and CDM) suited for turistic
harbour both with the techniques of plastic rotomoulding and steel cold
forming.( http://www.plusmarine.it/smart.aspx)
- DAM spa – Ravenna : high speed Railroad – Bologna crossway –
Hydraulic project of drainage system/ Civitavecchia harbour: revamping of
existing pipeline for oil ships refilling service.
- SOECO srl – Milan – detailed design for a 12” PIG launcing trap.
- TECNOTEAM srl – general consultant for Civil, steelworks & mechanical
applications in gas & oil projects for several client (ENI, COSMI,
- SAT.C.S. (Milan) – Civil designs for installation of telecom. satellite
antennas for Civil Protection duties on the roof of civil buildings.
- RANA DIVING S.r.l. – (Ravenna) - installation of offshore sealine spools
for production rigs in Adriatic Sea – Lifting project and analysis.
- CAL DIVE INTERNATIONAL (Houston) – installation of offshore sealine
spools for production rigs in Red Sea gulf – Lifting structural project and
analysis. (http://www.caldive.com).
- COMART S.p.A. – Ravenna – Stuctural Projects for offshore Hejre skid
- Bilfinger Water Technologies (ex DIEMMEfiltration S.p.A.) – Lugo (RA)

– consultant for load cell operating displacement on 12 filterpress in Antwerp
Port in Belgium/ Basic and detil design for speciali lifting beam for
Filterpress GHT 2000 upper beams.
- Multiservice S.r.l. - Ravenna – basic design and detail with production
molding planning for 3 new types of PSV valves.
- Project, prototyping and production (patented) of special devices (“Bosurgi
cells” – Patent pending (*)) for microscopic add-on in the electrophisiology
research field.- Anti-vibration floating table; special arrangement for in live
steel cage with continous monitoring and others.
- Consultant for set-up of University research laboratories for Electrophysiology at
Florence Univ.: Dept. di Farmacologia Pre / Clinica Mario Aiazzi Mancini - Rome:
Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Univ. La Sapienza- Trieste: (SISSA), Ferrara
University: Fisio & Pharmaceutical Dept.- Rome: EMBL– Verona University:
Department of Neurological, Neuropsychological, Morphological and Movement


Technical team leader supply in the project ‘A seystemic approach for solid
waste management and a objective data base”.
and infrastructural works in the ‘Strenghtening of rural health Services’
- Expert for Ravenna Court in industrial and hydraulic civil suit.
- University of Ferrara and Firenze, S.I.S.S.A. of Trieste, ISS (national
Institute of health) – research Institutes of pharmacology : ORIGINAL design
and costruction of electro-mechanical devices for electrophisiology research
laboratories -
- EUROPEAN COMMITTEE - inscribed in the list of experts for hydraulic and
industrial projects with the serial number: cod.EE19981B10303.
- ENI S.p.A. – AGIPGAS div. – ORIGINAL basic and final design (*), prototyping and
construction of special equipment (Artificial Vision based) for full automation of GPL
bottles filling plants. ((*): Patent Pending) _ Basic and detail design, construction and
installation of automation devices for quality control of LPG bottles in ENI refilling
plants. (inscribed in ENI vendor list # 156436).
- Basic and detailed Design of Special mobile LPG refilling station (patent pending)
especially studied for hostile areas like desert, remote countries, natural disaster
locations, etc.
- CONS.MED Consortium For Mediterranean Coutries – founding member and
member of board of directors.


(*): Patented.

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